Find Out What Type of Exercise Works Best For You

Find out which types of exercise really get you motivated with this fun quiz!


1. If you were in a large room and no one was watching and you had to exercise, what would you do?

A.      Put on some music and dance

B.      Start running around the room…randomly

C.      Start doing cartwheels and attempting to backflip in the room

D.      Put on some skates and start skating around the room

E.       Walk around the room

F.       Feel uncomfortable. Who wants to exercise in an empty room?

2. Now picture yourself in a crowded gym. You would feel__________

A.      Excited. You see lots of machines that you can’t wait to try out

B.      Nervous. You wonder if others are looking at you while you sweat.

C.      Excited. Your fiends are at the gym so you can chat with them while you exercise

D.  You can’t picture this. You’d never be at a crowded gym…or any gym at all for that matter.

3. You’ve always secretly wanted to be:

A.      A dancer

B.      A gymnast

C.      A track star

D.      An ice skater or hockey player

E.       Nothing that has anything to do with sports

F.       On a sports team (basketball, softball, football, volleyball, etc.) or in a partner sport (tennis, raquetball etc)

4. Do you enjoy gym class?

A.      Yes

B.      No

5. You like to be with others when you work out

A.      Yes

B.      No

6. You like to exercise.

A.      Yes

B.      No

7. You like your classes at school

A.      Yes

B.      Kind of

C.      No

8. You like learning new things.

A.      Yes, I’m all about adventure

B.      It depends. I don’t do rock climbing or skiing or rafting or canoing or ….

C.      No. People who like to be adventurous don’t live very long

9. On a Saturday night, you’d rather

A.      Read a good book or watch a good movie

B.      Go out with a group of friends

C.      Hang out with one or two friends

D.      Sleep

10. When you think of the word, ‘exercise, you think:

A.      Fun!

B.      Boring

C.      Ugh! Horrible

11. ‘I would exercise more if

A.      My friends exercised with me.

B.      I had access to machines and weights and stuff

C.      I had space to dance or skate or flip or do whatever.

D.      I was on a sports team

E.       I was taking a fitness class

F.       I could do something exciting, like rock climbing or mountain biking

G.     I actually liked the thought of exercising.


1.       A (2), B (3), C (4), D (7), E (1), F (5)

2.       A (3), B (2), C (5), D (1)

3.       A (4), B (2), C (6), D (2), E (1), F (5)

4.       A (5), B (1)

5.       A (5), B (2)

6.       A (2), B (1)

7.       A (4), B (6), C (2)

8.       A (7), B (5), C (1)

9.       A (2), B (5), C (3), D (1)

10.   A (6), B (7), C (1)

11.   A (5), B (3), C (2), D (6), E (4), F (7), G (1)


(57-62) Adventurous Babe

Go Girl! Whether mountain climbing, skiing, white water rafting etc., you never want to be bored while you exercise. Your challenge is to make sure your exercise routine isn’t…er…routine. Look at outdoor fitness centers (ie parks) that you can use to skate, bike or hike at. Also consider exploring classes or seminars in extreme sports such as mountain biking, climbing, skating, or whatever else tickles your fancy. Just don’t get hurt.

(51-56) Athlete

You enjoy organized sports. So join a team! Whether it be basketball, volleyball, track, softball, rugby, etc. Find a sport that you enjoy and stick to it.

(45-50) Friendly Exerciser

You don’t seem to like to exercise alone. Your exercise solution is to find a friend or two and together make a goal to exercise together regularly. Go for it!

(39-44) Class Act

Studious girl, you need to incorporate learning into your exercise routine. Whether it be trying a dance class, an aerobics class, a gymnastics class, check out a class that interests you and you will probably be more likely to stick out your exercise routine.

(33-38) Gym Girl

You love gyms and machines, weights, whatever you name it. Most schools now have the luxury of having small gyms. If that describes you, count yourself blessed. (My school didn’t until my junior year). Even if your school does have a gym however, you might also want to think about joining a gym in your neighborhood as well. (FYI: This is a great thing to do with your mother and/or a friend). Curves and Victory Lady Fitness are two fitness centers that I like.

(27-32) Solo spirit

You like to exercise by yourself. You hate gyms and people watching you while you work out. Consider solo forms of exercise, such as running or walking or using an aerobics video or even simply dancing around your room.

(26 or below) Don’t wanna exercise…r

Um….you don’t seem to want to exercise at all. Don’t worry, I’m like that too (Don’t tell anyone) What works for me is choosing the most minimum amount of exercise (I know that’s a dirty word…I’m sorry) possible. This might mean taking a long walk at the park…or the mall. I also like to dance around my room. Also, making small changes, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator can greatly elevate (pun intended) your physical fitness. So go for it girl!

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