Winter Skin Care

The cold weather can make skin dry and ashy, which is definitely not cute. Here are some tips for keeping skin moist and supple this winter.

Essential #1: Moisturizer. You need a good moisturizer for keeping your skin soft in the wintertime. Body lotion works great. You can choose one that’s scented or unscented, but choose a lotion that fits your budget as well as your needs. For those of you who have extremely dry skin, you may want to try a crème or shea butter in order to give your skin moisture. Oils such as almond oil, are another good way to soften your skin.

Essential #2: Lip protection. Chap stick, lip balm, lip gloss…whatever works for you to keep your lips soft and smooth. Try to get a lip protector with SPF in it, since your lips are still subject to the sunshine in the wintertime. If you wear lip stick or lip color, try putting gloss on top to ensure that your lips don’t get too dry. Lip hint: Don’t lick your lips to moisturize them, this will only make them more dry.

Essential #3 Hand protection: I have a big problem with dry hands in the wintertime. In order to combat this a good pair of gloves as well as hand lotion or crème is needed. Putting on hand crème after washing hands and before going outside will ensure that your hands are soft. Also, if you apply hand moisturizer before putting on gloves, then your hands will be soft when you take off your gloves.

Winter Skin Care Secret Weapon: Petroleum Jelly, also known as good old Vaseline. For me, Vaseline can work as a moisturizer, lip protector and hand protector all in one when I need it. And, it’s cheap! So stay moisturized and have a happy winter!

Image credit: stryjekk / 123RF Stock Photo

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