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Why I Go to Church

So, lately I’ve been tired of church. Yep, I said it. Tired of the small groups, tired of the guitars, and the singing and ‘friendliness’, and the endless sermons. I’ve been over it all.

But, I went to church today (one that had the guitars, singing, friendliness and long sermon aplenty) and realized that there is another reason that I go to church. Guess what that reason is?

(crickets chirping)

If you guessed that my reason is ‘Jesus’ or ‘God’ or ‘worshiping¬†(Jesus and/or God)’, congratulations! You’ve been in church/Christian school/the midwest-south for as long as ¬†I have! But that’s not the answer I was thinking of.

The reason that I go to church is for community.

You see, communities can do great things. Communities can build wells, and tear down walls. Communities can pass laws for justice, end discrimination, feed the homeless and comfort the lonely. We can’t do that by ourselves alone. Communities can lift each other up, cry together, laugh together, just be together. And yes, communities can also do horrible things (discriminate, hate, bully, promote horrifying law,s start wars, etc.) But it’s those big wonderful, justice-y, Christian aspects of community that I go to church for. It’s the people of God coming together to do amazing, wonderful, and holy things. That’s why I go to church.

Let us know. What’s your church community up to?

Image credit: rido / 123RF Stock Photo