Ways to Make Sure Those New Year Resolutions Stick

Okay, so you know the drill. On New Year’s day, you resolve to exercise, eat better, get up earlier, be nicer to your parents, etc. On New Year’s day, you are all about it. The next day, you work that resolution out. But then the next day comes and….crickets.

Don’t feel bad. You’re not the only one to get afflicted with ‘I-can’t-keep-a-resolution-itis’. But, while we might not have the cure, we do have some tips that will make it easier to keep those resolutions.

1. Check your resolutions
Are you someone who has to make approximately 50 resolutions on New Year’s Day? No wonder you can’t keep them. The easiest way to make sure you keep your New Year’s resolutions is to not make too many resolutions to begin with. I always suggest making one, tiny resolution that you can stick with. If you absolutely, positively must have more than one resolution, then don’t have more than three. Any more than that and you will burn out. Trust.

2. Keep ’em simple and specific
I know you want to save the world, lose 30 pounds and/or nab the cute guy all at the same time this year, but another way to make sure to keep your resolutions is to keep the resolutions you make simple. Resolutions should be something that is relatively easy for you to do and keep doing. For example, ‘I will keep my room clean everyday,’ might be too hard of a resolution to make if you have never kept your room clean a day in your life. Try, ‘I will make my bed every day’ instead. Or instead of saying, ‘I will eat healthy,’ try ‘I will eat one piece of fruit’ everyday. Resolutions that are simple and specific are easier to keep than those that are not. Check out this link for more information about how to make good resolutions.

3. Write them down and post them up
Writing your goals down makes them tangible and real. So don’t just think of the resolution. Write it down and then hang it in a place where you will see it each day. Whether on your wall, on your locker, on your mirror…hang that resolution so you never forget it.

4. Track them.
To take your resolutions to the next level, make sure you are tracking them. This is easy. You can use a calendar and simply write a checkmark on the days when you met your resolution. Or you can use a goal-keeping app, like Way of Life, Everest, or Goal Tracker to keep track of your resolutions.

5. Get accountability
Another way to ensure that you keep those resolutions is to have other people in your corner reminding you of your resolutions. So think of someone you trust who can help you keep your resolution and let them know about your resolution. Ask the person to remind you of your resolution and ask them to keep you in check when you veer off course.

With these five adjustments, you will be more likely to stick to your resolutions this year. Now make it happen!

Image credit: fuzzbones / 123RF Stock Photo

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