Snow Day Survival

Snow is a’comin for some of us. For others of us, snow has already been here and you wish it would go back home (I feel you). But either way, you must be ready! So whether you are at home with the ‘rents, in a dorm, or have your own pad (lucky you!) below are our Michaela Must-Haves for a stormy, snowy day.

1. Food and Drink
Food is a must for those snowy days. My favorite ‘snow storm’ foods and drinks are soup (potato or chicken tortilla), warm bread, hot chocolate or chai. Basically, I use snow storm days as an excuse to eat my favorite, filling, warm comfort foods. There is no good reason for this, but who needs a reason to drink hot chocolate? So, I’d advise you do the same. However, it is actually important to stock up on non-perishable foods and water on a snow day just in case your electricity goes out.

2. Technology
You must know whether or not this will be a ‘you get to stay at home and nap’ snow day, or if it will be a ‘you need to get up earlier than usual and shovel out your car and go to school/work’ kind of snow day. Thus, you need the Internet or television. Also, you may be having a ‘I need to rescue my silly roommate who drove her car in the ditch’ kind of day (aren’t you so nice?). For this, you will need a cell phone. Finally, if it is the kind of snow day where you get to stay home, then you need entertainment. Nexflix and Hulu are your friends in this case. For those of you who live in terrible cold, rural places where electricity often goes out or who love to be uber prepared, a radio, flashlight and batteries are really helpful things to have.

3. Warm clothes/Blankets/Candles
Keep the warm and cozy coming with clothes that keep you warm and comfy. Leggings and sweats are great if you get to stay home. If you want to take your laziness to the next level, drag your blanket around with you all day. Up the cozy vibe with a couple of scented candles.

4. Games!/Movies/Good Books
If you do share a home with someone, break out the Apples to Apples, Taboo, Scrabble, Dominos and movies and have some fun with your friends or family! Snow days are wonderful times to make incredible (indoor) memories. So, invest in your relationships and play your heart out. If you live at home, break out that cozy mystery and enjoy!

5. A shovel
Eventually, you will need to venture back outside into real life. Bring a shove (and preferably, some help) to clear a way for your car or shoes.

Before the storm:
Stock up on the food/warm clothes/games/movies/etc. Also, remember to make sure you have all your medications up to par, in case you can’t get out of your home. The Federal Emergency Management Agency also recommends that you allow faucets in your home to drip a bit of water to prevent pipes from freezing.

photo courtesy of : ximagination

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