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Dark, stooped over, fragmented piece of glass sat she
cold and alone, and void of poetry
her verse was gone, her rhythm stopped, no song to sing
she wanted to fly, but couldn’t find her wings,
This dark essence, no one to hope in her words,
hear her voice, sing her song,
stepped on, beaten by life,
stooped over, utterly alone,
for what do I do when my strength is gone?
and I have no poetry?

No one to glean from
no inspiration comes
the future looks bleak,
her body is weak,
mindless but mindful
that there’s no sunshine in store
for her
whose poetry is gone.

Her glory, her essence, her strength, her smile
has long been forgotten
and replaced with the chains
of her Mistakes and her Shame
blighted and sinful and stricken with a curse
lies this silent woman who has been stripped of her verse,
Where is her story? What has become of her glory?

She can’t see the writing of her Maker’s hand
can’t read the words, can’t find the faith to see
what her mortal eyes cannot see
they say the storm will be over
but how can that be?
for someone who has lost her poetry?

But the Writer still writes
with His holy pen
and every stormy story
has a middle and end
and even the lonely can find a Friend
in the arms of Her Maker.

‘Your story’, He says,
‘Is still there, still being written,
still under My care.
I’ve allowed this storm to come and the
fog to fill your eyes so that you could not see
My will but now you must realize, child,
the web of your life is still being spun,
the song you once had is still being sung.

Your story, my child, is telling the tale,
of one who has overcome, a storm, a gale
I’m bringing you through
When you look up
I’m still holding you.

Stand up, My Daughter, I won’t let you fall
I haven’t forgotten your voice and your call
have not gone unheeded.
You can’t believe because you can’t see
the ending of your story
but don’t look at that, look at Me,
and see my Love, and My Comfort, my Glory, My Care
I who will never forget you and will always be there
who has written your name in the Book of Life
so that she who once had no story
will forever see My Glory
she who once had no song, will forever sing Hallelujah,
with tears in her eyes, remembering the times that she tried
on vain,

to write her own story, by herself,
forgetting, to put her hand in Mine
but now this time, she has decided to trust
In her Storyteller’s care, to rest in His arms
and watch as he gently turns the page in the Book

and gives her a sweet verse.


Love this video by John Legend, celebrating beauty of all kinds.

My God is Awesome Remix by Charles Jenkins featuring Jessica Reedy, Isaac Carree, Da Truth and Canton Jones. Lift Him Up!



For those of us who need a little extra help at clubs and parties….tips below:

Comedian Michael Jr.

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