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3 Tips for Great Summer Hair

Summer is a time filled with heat, humidity, swimming pools and rain. All of these things means that we need to approach hair care differently during this time. Here are some simple tips for keeping your hair fresh and healthy this summer.

1. Consider washing your hair more frequently

Michaela wash

Heat, chlorine, sweat and pollution (eww!) all mean that your hair may need to be washed more frequently in the summer. If you typically wash your hair once every two weeks, consider washing it every week. If you usually wash your hair once a week, consider washing or co-washing your hair three or four times a week. Regardless of what schedule you choose, be sure to  wash your hair after you get into a pool or have an intense workout . Chlorine and sweat can really dry out your hair if you let it. Also, say no to the heavy greases and opt for lighter moisturizers during the summer.

2. If you usually wear protective styles, summer is a good time to (sometimes) wear your hair out.

Michaela afro

Even though there are many things in the air in the summer that can potentially harm your hair during the warmer months, summer also brings with it much more humidity, which can be good for your hair if you enjoy wearing it out. So feel free to let your hair down a few times during the more humid days!

3. However…summer is also a great time for letting your hair rest.

Michaela braids

If you (like me) tend to go a little crazy with the flat iron or relaxers during the year, consider giving your hair a break during the summer. Braids, buns,  sew-ins and half wigs are great ideas for letting your hair rest. However, even while ‘resting’ your hair, make sure to continue washing and moisturizing it regularly. Also, if you do decide to opt for braids or weaves during the summer, be sure that your hair isn’t braided too tight (Basically, if you have a headache after a braid job, it’s too tight).

So remember that if you wash, moisturize and protect your hair this summer, you will better ensure that your hair looks great all year long.

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